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2020-2021 Cal Poly Dance Team Auditions

 If you have a strong dance background and a passion for performing, teamwork, and promoting school spirit, then you are in the right place! The Cal Poly Dance Team performs at all Cal Poly Football and Basketball home games and travels to a few away games. We compete a routine at USA Nationals in Anaheim each year and placed 5th in March 2017! The team does not have a coach, but is led by two team captains. 


We are looking for a group of dancers who have solid technique, are versatile, have strong performance ability, and dance well together as a team!

Auditions for the 2020-2021 season will now be fully online


(Due to changes concerning COVID-19, we have transitioned to a fully online prep clinic)​

  • Register by April 10th (linked below)

  • Material will be sent on April 11th

  • For feedback from our veterans and captains, videos should be turned in by April 18th

  • Participants will also receive materials and tips to help with their audition!

Online Prep Clinic

Our online prep clinic is optional with a $25 fee, but highly recommended. Unlike auditions, this is the time when we can offer feedback and constructive criticism to help with technique and performance. We will send videos of the technique and skills that we look for in addition to original routines in every style we require to help participants get a better feel of our collegiate style. We will provide the scoring rubric used for auditions and go over audition tips provided by our veterans.

We understand that during this time the videos may not turn out exactly how dancers want them to be since many may not have access to studio space. This is not a problem at all and we completely understand and expect videos filmed in living rooms. (This is new to all of us!)

In order to receive the material and the benefits, participants must register by April 10th.

Click here to register for the online prep clinic!

Audition Timeline & Info

*subject to change*

May 1st: Registration closes

May 2nd: Receive audition material via email

May 9th: Video auditions due by midnight

May 10th-13th: Interviews for those who have made it to the next round

May 14th: Preliminary team announcement!

Due by May 1st:

Audition Registration Form

If you have any questions, check out the CPDT Information Packet below:

Video Audition Information

After receiving the material for the video audition, you will need to learn the material and record a video of yourself performing it. Your video must be emailed to us (a YouTube link is fine) to Also, please include the completed audition packet in the same email. All auditions are due by midnight on May 9th.


Your video NEEDS to include the following:


- We'd like to know a little bit about you, so please include an intro!

Technique: (show everything on both sides)

- Kicks and tilts

- Leg holds

- Leg turns (front and tilt)

- Triple pirouettes and as many as you can do

- Turns in second *a turn combination will also be included in the audition material*

- Leaps (front, side, back, switch, calypso, turning disk, and any others you'd like to add)

- Any tricks that you would like to add (ex. aerials, head springs, front walkovers, etc.)

Jazz Routine (Provided)

Pom Routine (Provided)

Hip Hop Routine (Provided)

Contemporary Routine (Provided)

Solo of your chosen style

- Must be at least 6 eight-counts

- Can be previously recorded but must be a solo, duo, or trio so that we can easily identify you

What to wear for your video:

- "Game Day Ready" hair & make-up!

- Tight fitting and appropriate dance clothes, leggings, shorts, tank top, etc. 

- Feel free to wear bralettes, sports bras, old dance costume tops, etc. if you're comfortable doing so 

- Jazz shoes (tan or black) or tennis shoes for hip hop

- We perform with our hair down throughout the season, so feel free to have your hair down and styled (not mandatory-     a ponytail/bun is fine too!)


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